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   WELCOME to SeverelyAwesome.com, the internet headquarters of the most SEVERELY AWESOME game company ever. We are still in the development phases, but here you will find games, supplements, and the SEVERELY AWESOME podcast, Backfield Generals! Head to the Forums to let us know what you want to see on this site, and come back soon because you'll want to see this.


Latest Updates

   Gaming Miscellany page updated with Warhammer 40k Story Tournaments.
   Backfield Generals Episode 10 posted. Tactica Imperium: Threat Assessment 11-16 posted.

   Episode 9 of Backfield generals is posted, and the website is undergoing construction for the release of Tactica Imperium: Official Force Threat Assessment!

   Episode 8 of Backfield Generals is up!

   Back by popular demand Teddy F***ing Roosevelt!

   Backfield Generals Episode 7 posted.

   BUM rules version 1.1 posted.