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   Welcome to the Backfield Generals Podcast, the only place you need to get your gaming fix.

Episode 10, Tactica Imperium: Threat Assessment Part 1- 7/27/2010 1:16:57

   In which the Generals evaluate the quality of the Warhammer 40k codices. This installment features the six worst.

Episode 9, Different Strokes - 7/15/2010 1:22:33

   The Generals tackle favorite painting techniques and the name Laszlo Jakusovsky.

Episode 8, Bearly Tolerable - 6/6/2010 1:19:30

   Are the Warhammer 40k armies unbalanced? The Generals discuss which codices we feel are the strongest and weakest.

Episode 7, All Jacked Up - 5/3/10 1:35:14

   In this Episode, the Generals discuss their favorite warjacks.

Episode 6, Broken is as Broken Does - 4/4/10 1:29:40

   We discuss the units in Warhammer 40k which we believe are most broken.

Episode 5, Boys in Blue - 3/11/10 1:26:56

   The Generals discuss the Cygnar Faction book with Taylor Bartles.

Episode 4, It Came From Monster Island - 02/11/10 1:45:23

   The Generals discuss the new Codex: Tyranids with Jon Purdey.

Episode 3 - 01/18/10 1:25:40

   Herein, we discuss the recently released Warmachine Prime MkII.

Episode 2 - 01/05/10 1:30:52

   The Generals, including guest General John Purdey discuss their favorite Warhammer 40k HQs (and some of their most hated).

Episode 1 - 12/03/09 1:29:52

   Hello World! Backfield Generals debuts with a review of the Hordes MkII Field Test.



Lance Park
Lance Park was once a condemned amusement park, but has since gotten better. Due to an unforeseen accident involving fried chicken and turtle-tainted nuclear waste, Lance has now become a living creature bent on the consumption of edible materials. He is currently being hunted by the Government to participate in top-secret waste disposal experiments.

Denny Bucklin
When Denny Bucklin was born, his mother was hiking in the mountains of Norway. He spent his early childhood studying war in ancient oriental temples, and at 12 was inducted into a ninjitsu dojo in Russia. At 18, he became the youngest ever master of the dojo, and then he abandoned it to teach Nuclear Physics in America.

John M.F. Purdey



Former Generals
Josh Bawdwin
The unit designated "Josh Bawdwin" was sent to live among the meatlings and determine their susceptibility to invasion. Reports showed that the meatlings practice strategic and tactical exercises as a pastime, so invasion has been aborted. Extraction of the "Josh Bawdwin" unit was deemed to be too risky.