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BUM RPG Main Rules Version 1.1

Basic Universal Modular (B.U.M.) Role-playing is a simple and generic system of rules for the creation and running of a table top role-playing game. BUM offers straightforward rules of varying complexity that can be easily adapted to any purpose a Game Master needs, and that make the game both accessible to novice role-players and useful for anything the most advanced role-players wish to do as well. The system is designed to make games quick to start, quick to play, and easy to improvise, to cut down on the amount of time and effort necessary for the Game Master to create and run the game smoothly. Simply put, it is the ideal system for Game Masters who are, well, bums, or those who would rather spend their campaign development time making the game interesting rather than sorting out all the applicable rules, or just having a life.

Developed by a law student, BUM was born from the need for a system that minimized character and campaign creation time and that could be learned by the players in a matter of minutes, but that would still work for whatever the GM wished to do. A law student's free time is at a minimum, and table top role-playing is too time consuming to do without a system like BUM.

We hope you enjoy this game system. BUM allows you to start a game almost spontaneously if you're with a group of friends and bored, and at the same time allows for a very in depth game with a rich setting and rule variety if you do have adequate time to prepare.