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1  Severely Awesome Games / General Discussion / Re: Alter the post above you. on: September 08, 2015, 10:32:48 AM
K to H, I to O

2  Severely Awesome Games / Game Development / The DMZ playtest on: June 14, 2015, 01:57:17 PM
After years of violent warfare, the galaxy’s most powerful empires have called a truce. The former borders of the empires have been replaced by an area of space now known as the Demilitarized Zone. As soon as the military pulled out of the Region, they were replaced by rugged colonists, pirates, deep-space traders, and private security forces. The war now continues by proxy as the empires unofficially encourage their civilians to move into the “neutral” space.

I came up with this idea while watching Star Trek. They're always talking about the "Neutral Zone" and there is a story line about colonists who quit the Federation so that they could continue to live in the border worlds. After playing Quantum at the bachelor party, I thought, "that was fun, but I really want a game about large-scale clashes and area control." Thus, DMZ was born. It didn't take long, to get to version 0.3, and it needs work. But I have seen many published games that are worse than what I already have. I think it has lots of potential.

Give it a look--or better yet, a play if you have the time/inclination--and let me know what you think. A word of caution: The DMZ requires lots of dice (24 per player for the 2-player setup).

The Rules:
System tiles (for building the map):
Exploration tokens:
3  Severely Awesome Games / General Discussion / Re: Alter the post above you. on: June 11, 2015, 10:47:44 PM
C to K, U to I

4  Severely Awesome Games / General Discussion / Re: Alter the post above you. on: June 09, 2015, 11:19:02 PM
L to F, D to F

5  Severely Awesome Games / General Discussion / Re: Alter the post above you. on: June 07, 2015, 12:09:24 AM

Switch L and O, add D

6  Severely Awesome Games / General Discussion / Re: Alter the post above you. on: June 02, 2015, 10:17:18 PM
C to L, remove M

7  Severely Awesome Games / Game Development / Re: Exalted / BUM Playtest on: December 13, 2011, 11:10:13 AM
4/5 of the charms are finished, but to be honest, some of them are probably unbalanced. I didn't pay much attention to balance, just went with what felt right, so if anyone looks over this stuff and notices something totally out there, let me know.
8  Severely Awesome Games / Game Development / Re: Exalted / BUM Playtest on: December 13, 2011, 11:08:15 AM
Graceful Crane Stance (Athletics 1): Spend one essence. The Solar automatically succeeds at checks to keep balance for one scene.
Soaring Crane Leap (Athletics 3): Spend 1 essence to jump 5 times as far for one turn.

Mountain Crossing Leap Technique(Athletics 4, Essence 2, Soaring Crane Leap): The exalt spends 3 essence and leaps over approximately 5 min, and covering Essence x 7 miles.

Thunderbolt Attack Prana (Athletics 2, Athletics Excellency): The character performs a signature attack action and spends one essence. Add +3 to the attack roll.

Lightning Speed (Athletics 1, Athletic Excellency): Spend 1 essence. For the rest of the scene, the solar moves (Athletics) yards farther with each move action. Athletics Excellency can increase this speed further.

Spider Foot Style (Athletics 3, Graceful Crane Stance): Spend 2 essence. For the rest of the scene, the solar can run or walk (but not stand) on vertical surfaces and upside down. Also, the character can run or walk on unstable or delicate surfaces as if he weighed no more than a feather. The exalt can stand still in both situations by spending essence per turn he does not take a move action.

Eagle Wing Style (Athletics 4, Essence 2, Spider Foot Style): Spend 1 essence. For the remainder of the scene, the character can fly at triple his normal move speed. HE must use one hand to direct the flow of essence, and cannot move more than 30 yards from a surface.

Increasing Strength Excercise (Athletics 2): Spend 1 essence per point to increase the character's STR for the remainder of the scene. You cannot spend more than your Essence stat this way.

Keen Sense Technique (Awareness 2, Awareness Excellency): Spend one essence to active this charm for a scene. Adds 1 to the solar's Awareness rolls, and allows the perception of things normally outside of the human range.

Unsurpassed Sense Discipline (Awareness 4, Keen Sense Technique): Spend 1 essence to add 2 to the Solar's awareness rolls for one scene. This stacks with Keen Sense Technique, and when the two are used in conjunction, it is conceivable the character could read with fingertips or gauge mood by scent.

Surprise Anticipation Method (Awareness 4): This charm activates itself when the exalt is placed in unforeseen immediate mortal danger. The charm costs one essence and guarantees success on the roll to detect the danger. If this charm is contested by magic, then instead of automatically succeeding, this charm cancels the magic.

Shadow Over Water (Dodge 2): Spend 1 essence when you are attacked to ignore penalties to defense for the attack.

Seven Shadow Evasion (Dodge 3, Shadow Over Water): Spend 1 essence to automatically dodge an attack. The attack must not be unexpected.
Reflex Sidestep Technique (Dodge 2): Spend 1 essence in response to an unexpected attack to make it expected.

Flow Like Blood (Dodge 4, Essence 1, Seven Shadow Evasion): Spend 3 essence to activate this charm. For the rest of the scene, the character suffers no penalties to defense caused by facing multiple enemies.

Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise (Larceny 3, Larceny Excellency): As Exalted pg 228. 3 essence to activate.

Perfect Mirror (Larceny 4, Essence 1, Flawlessly Impenetrable disguise): As Exalted 228. 3 essence to activate.

Flawless Pickpocket Technique (Larceny 1): Spend 1 essence when making a pickpocket attempt to add 2 to the roll. In addition, characters using ordinary senses cannot spot the attempt and this charm cancels the effect of those using magic to augment awareness (In this case the character may be spotted).

Stealing from Plain Sight Spirit (Larceny 4, Flawless Pickpocket Technique): As Exalted pg 229. Costs 2 essence. 4 if the target could not normally be reached.

Lock-Opening Touch (Larceny 2): Spend 1 essence to automatically succeed at unlocking a mundane lock, with or without tools.

Door-Evading Technique (Larceny 4, Essence 2, Lock-Opening Touch): Spend 3 essence to pass through a closed portal.

Easily Overlooked Presence Method (Stealth 2): Spend one essence to blend into a crowd for a scene. Rolls to notice the Solar fail automatically unless the Solar is in battle, or the attacker has significant magical or circumstantial bonus.

Mental Invisibility Technique (Stealth 3, Easily Overlooked Presence Method): Roll DEX or SOC + Stealth. Any observer who fails a mental defense roll suffers unnatural compulsion to ignore the Solar when he is not engaged in battle.

Vanishing from the Mind's Eye (Stealth 4, Essence 1, Mental Invisibility Technique): The first time a character attempts to recall the Solar each say, they must roll INT + Lore against the a difficulty of the exalt's SOC + Stealth + Essence. On a failure the character does not remember the exalt at all.

Invisible Statue Spirit (Stealth 2, Easily Overlooked Presence Method): Spend 2 essence. The solar cannot be detected except by touch. This lasts until the exalt moves.
9  Severely Awesome Games / Game Development / Re: Exalted / BUM Playtest on: December 13, 2011, 11:07:28 AM
Durability Enhancing Technique (Craft 2, Craft Excellency): Spend 1 essence to permanently increase the difficulty of breaking the target object by one. This charm may be use up to 1+Essence time(s).

Chaos Resistance Prana (Craft 3, Durability Enhancing Technique): Commit 2 essence to make the target object immune to the Shaping effects of the wyld. After the charm is allowed to expire, the object permanently remains 1/10 as likely to be effected by random wyld effects.

Shattering Grasp (Craft 4, Craft Excellency): The exalt spends 2 essence and 5 minutes to disassemble an object. The character chooses whether to disassemble destructively or not. Any object can be disassembled if the character could break it by STR+Athletics+2xCraft, or if it is made up of such components. Large structures can be disassembled in 4 hours, one component at a time.

Craftsman Needs no Tools (Craft 3, Essence 1, Craft Excellency): Spend 2 Essence when making a roll to craft or repair an object. The Solar is treated as having tools which give a +1 to the roll, and completes 3 hours worth of work in one hour of effort.

Craft Observation Method (Investigation 2, Investigation Excellency): The exalt spends 2 essence and a few seconds observation to make an investigation roll as if he had spent 15 minutes ransacking the scene.

Evidence-Discerning Method (Investigation 3, Investigation Excellency): The solar commits 2 essence and rolls INT+Investigation against the target's mental defense. If the target deliberately send out misleading information, he may substitute SOZ+Persuasion+Essence instead of mental defense. If the roll succeeds, the exalt conceives a profile of the target's personality. This means that the target's defense in dramatic, social, and mass combat situations against the exalt is at a penalty equal to his own SOC. The effect lasts as long as the essence is committed. If the roll fails, it cannot be attempted again on the same target in the same story arc.

Judge's Ear Technique (Investigation 1, Investigation Excellency): The solar can spend 1 essence to automatically recognize all lies as such for the duration of the scene. If a lie is magically enhanced, then instead of automatically recognizing the lie, this charm cancels the magic.

Irresistible Questioning Technique (Investigation 2, Judge's Ear Technique): Spend 2 essence when making an interrogation. Roll SOC+Investigation against the target's mental defense. If the exalt succeeds, the target suffers a compulsion to answer his questions truthfully. Each time this charm is used against a target during the same story (successfully or not) the target's mental defense against it increases by one.

Courtier's Eye Technique (Investigation 2): By spending one essence, the exalt can size up a target socially. This charm tells the player the target's personal wealth and power, how many allies the target believes himself to have, and how much wealth and power he controls through any organization he belongs to. If these organizations and their associates are generally known, then the exalt knows specifically which organizations they are.
Know the Soul's Price (Investigation 3, Courtier's Eye Technique, Judge's Ear Technique): Spend 2 essence and roll INT+Investigation against the target's SOC+Persuasion. If the Solar wins, the target must declare his "price" truthfully. If the Exalt can meet that price, then the charm invokes an unnatural Servitude effect.

Legendary Solar Curriculum (Lore 4, Essence 2, Lore Excellency): When the solar spends at least 5 hours a week training a social group such as a class, ministry, or guild, he picks one of the following: Increase INT or SOC by one, Increase Craft, Investigation, Lore, Linguistics, Performance, Presence, Persuasion, Bureaucracy, Occult, Integrity, Medicine, or Larceny by 1. Multiple uses of this charm allow the exalt to train multiple abilities. Stats can only be increased by one each, while skills may not exceed the Exalt's own. The character may train with the group or alone, but characters other than extras must pay experience to retain the training for more than one month.

Chaos-Repelling Pattern (Lore 2, Essence 1): By spending 2 essence, the Exalt creates an island of creation within Essence yards of him. This area functions by the laws of creation even in the deep Wyld, Malfeas, etc.

Wyld-Shaping Technique (Lore 4, Essence 1, Lore Excellency, Chaos-Repelling Pattern): See Exalted pg 216. Roll INT+Lore, increasing the listed difficulties by 3. Otherwise functions the same as vanilla.

Wyld Cauldron Technology (Lore 4, Essence 2, Wyld-shaping Technique): As Exalted 217.

Essence-Lending Method (Lore 1): The exalt can give of his essence pool to another. In one action, he may give 3+Essencex3 essence to the target. This cannot raise the target's essence pool above the normal maximum.

Power-Awarding Prana (Lore 3, Essence 1, Essence-Lending Method): By committing 5 essence, the solar empowers a target mortal. The target Essence becomes 0, Essence pool becomes 5, and they become able to learn solar charms. These bonuses last as long as the essence remains committed. 

Order-Affirming Blow (Lore 4, Essence 2, Wyld Shaping Technique, Essence-Lending Method): For 5+(target's Essence score) essence, the exalt can remove all shaping effects on the target, and make the target immune to shaping effects for the remainder of the scene. Using this charm on a fair folk outside of the Wyld destroys the target.

Touch of Blissful Release (Medicine 2, Medicine Excelleny): By spending 1 essence and touching the target, the exalt cancels any sickness, poison, and crippling penalties for 1+Essence hours. If used with an attempt medicine roll, this charm cancels any penalties for lack of equipment or medicine or unfavorable conditions.

Wound-Mending Care Technique (Medicine 2, Medicine Excellency): By spending 3 essence and one hour of care, this charm will heal 4 hit points by the end of the day.
Wound-Cleansing Technique (Medicine 2, Touch of Blissful Release, Wound Mending Care Technique): By spending 3 essence, the solar cleanses a wound of infection or poison, natural or supernatural, which might prevent healing.

Flawless Diagnosis Technique (Medicine 1): As Exalted pg 220. No roll necessary.

Wholness Restoring Meditation (Medicine 2, Essence 1, Flawless Diagnosis Technique): Any roll the exalt makes to heal sickness, poison, or crippling injury is considered supernatural. If the character's Medicine roll beats the difficulty by 4 or more, then 5 essence may be spent to heal a normally impossible ailment (Great Contagion, severed limb, etc.)

Instant Treatment Methodology (Medicine 1, Flawless Diagnosis Technique, Medicine Excellency): Spend 2 essence when making a Medicine roll to complete up to one hour's worth of care in seconds.

Terrestrial Circle Sorcery (Occult 2, Essence 1): Allows access to Terrestrial Circle spells.

Celestial Circle Sorcery (Occult 3, Essence 2, Terrestrial Circle Sorcery): Allows access to Celestial Circle Spells.

Solar Circle Sorcery (Occult 4, Essence 3, Celestial Circle Sorcery): Allows access to Solar Circle Spells.

Spirit-Detecting Glance (Occult 1): Spend 1 essence to allow the solar to detect dematerialized spirits for the duration of the scene. Also while active, the exalt may spend 1 essence when making an attack, to allow that attack to affect dematerialized spirits.

Ghost-Eating Technique (Occult 3, Essence 1, Spirit-Detecting Glance): Spend 1 essence after hitting a spirit with an attack. Transfer 3 essence from the spirit's pool to the exalt's. If the spirit is destroyed by this attack, it's essence dissolves, and it will never be remade.

Spirit-Repelling Diagram (Occult 4, Spirit Detecting Glance): Spend 3 essence to create a golden circle out to Essence+1 yards. For the rest of the scene, dematerialized spirits suffer a compulsion to leave the circle and not to enter it.

All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight (Occult 4, Spirit Detecting Glance): When the character activates Spirit-Detecting glance, he can see essence effects. The character can see when charms are being used, can see dematerialized and invisible characters, automatically recognizes creatures with Essence 2+ as supernatural. Targets using stealth to avoid detection suffer a penalty equal to their Essence score against the solar's detection.
10  Severely Awesome Games / Game Development / Re: Exalted / BUM Playtest on: December 13, 2011, 11:06:53 AM
Integrity-Protecting Prana (Integrity 1): Commit two essence to protect the Solar's body and mind from shaping effects.

Destiny-Manifesting Method (Integrity 2, Integrity-Protecting Prana): This Charm is always active and requires no essence to use. Shaping effects used against the character suffer a -2 to the attack/skill roll, unless the effect complies with the Solar's sense of his own destiny.

Righteous Lion Defense (Integrity 1): Choose two of the character's Intimacies, which must be ideals. The Solar may treat mental influence to betray or forsake that Intimacy as an unacceptable order.

Elusive Dream Defense (Integrity 2, Integrity Excellency):  Spend two essence to protect the Solar from mental influence by instantly forming an Intimacy against the source or substance of the influence.

Transcendent Hero's Meditation (Integrity 4, Essence 2, Elusive Dream Defense): Spend 3 essence, or suffer one damage to shatter all long-term Compulsion, Illusion, and Servitude effects on the Solar. You may ignore mental influence which would prevent the use of this charm.
Sun King Radiance (Integrity 4, Essence 2, Elusive Dream Defense):  Those loyal to the Solar replace their Essence with the Solar's when calculating mental defense. Characters loyal to the Solar who are actively betraying that loyalty suffer a -1 to any roll.

Respect Commanding Attitude (Performance 2): When giving a performance or oration, spend 1 essence and roll SOC + Performance. This charm exerts unnatural mental influence on everyone who can see and hear the Solar. Each subject whose mental defense is lower than the Performance roll suffers a compulsion to stay in the Exalt's presence and respectfully observe the Performance.

Phantom Conjuring Performance (Performance 2, Essence 1, Performance Excellency): When the exalt uses a Presence or Performance Excellency, he can conjure ghostly images, essence flares, and strange sensory effects within 20 yards of him.

Heart Compelling Method (Performance 3, Performance Excellency): Spend 2 essence when using Performance to inspire emotion in others. This charm exerts unnatural mental influence on every valid target whose mental defense is less than the exalt's Performance roll.

Memory Reweaving Discipline (Performance 4, Phantom Conjuring Performance, Heart Compelling Method): This charm enhances a performance for 3 essence. The charm encourages a specific belief in the audience and creates a commitment to that belief if their mental defense is less than the Performance roll.

Husband-Seducing Demon Dance (Performance 4, Essence 1, Heart-Compelling Method): The Solar spends 3 essence and makes a Performance roll. Any valid target whose mental defense is less than the Performance roll instantly falls in love with the Solar or a cause he represents. This is a commitment.

Hypnotic Tongue Technique (Presence 1, Presence Excellency): When giving an order, spend 3 essence and roll Presence against target's mental defense. If the Solar wins, the target receives a compulsion to follow the order.

Irresistible Salesman Spirit (Presence 3, Presence Excellency): Spend one essence when attempting to make a bargain or encourage an action to roll 2 dice, and discard the lower roll.

Worshipful Lackey Acquisition (Presence 4, Essence 2, Presence Excellency): Spend 4 essence and make a SOC + Presence roll. If the roll succeeds, the target creates a commitment to serve the Solar. The target cannot begin to break the commitment until 4 days have gone by.

Enemy Castigating Solar Judgment (Presence 1, Essence 1, Presence Excellency): This Charm may enhance a physical attack for 1 essence. The attack deals an additional point of damage against creatures of darkness if it hits.
   This charm can also enhance a social attack to create shame, guilt, or fear for 1 essence. Creatures of darkness suffer -2 defense against this attack.
Whirlwind Armor-Donning Prana (Resistance 1): Spend 1 essence to don a suit of armor quickly. The number of turns required is equal to the armor's defense value.

Glorious Solar Plate (Resistance 3, Essence 1, Whirlwind Armor Donning Prana): The Solar can summon a golden suit or light plate made of the character's anima for 3 essence, and may summon a small shield for 1 additional essence. The armor and shield are no more fatiguing than simple cloth garments, and last for one scene.

Durability of Oak Meditation (Resistance 1): When the exalt is hit by an attack, you may spend one essence to ignore one point of damage suffered from the attack.

Iron Skin Concentration (Resistance 2, Durability of Oak Meditation): The Exalt may spend two essence when attacked by non-magical weapons or the unarmed attacks of creatures with Essence -1. Reduce the damage from all such attacks by 2 points until the Solar's next action.

Iron Kettle Body (Resistance 2, Iron Skin Concentration): Spend 1 essence to gain +1 defense for the rest of the scene against edged weapons. This includes unarmed attacks such as claws, but not bites, as there is a crushing and/or penetrating component in bite attacks.

Adamant Skin Technique (Resistance 4, Essence 1, Iron Kettle Body): Spend one mote to automatically defend against a single attack.

Essence Gathering Temper (Resistance 1): For each point of damage the Solar suffers, he gains essence equal to 1+Essence stat. This cannot increase the essence pool beyond its normal maximum.

Bloodthirsty Sword Dancer Spirit (Resistance 3, Resistance Excellency): Spend 3 essence to accept the spirit for one scene. The character gains +1 on all attack rolls, and cannot suffer penalties due to pain or by being stunned. The character cannot speak coherently and will attack those who get in his way. The Charm lasts until there are no enemies to kill.

Ox-Body Technique (Resistance 1): A solar may take Ox-body Technique up to one time per point of Resistance. Each time, it adds 1 hit point.

Unbreakable Warrior's Mastery (Resistance 4, Ox-Body Technique): When the Solar would be effected by a Crippling effect, spend 1 essence to shake it off.

Immunity to Everything Technique (Resistance 4, Essence 1, Resistance Excellency): Spend 2 essence to become immune to poison and disease for one scene.

Body-Mending Meditation (Resistance 1): Spend 3 essence to speed natural healing by a factor of 10, or to add the Solar's Resistance stat to a physician's roll to heal the Solar.

Friendship with Animals Approach (Survival 1, Presence Excellency): Spend one essence to prevent natural animals from attacking the exalt for one scene. While this charm is active, the Exalt can communicate with animals as if they shared a language.
Spirit-Tied Pet (Survival 2, Friendship with Animals Approach): The exalt may use this charm on an animal that is loyal to make it a Familiar. Each use of this charm requires several hours, 3 essence and 1 experience. The number of times this charm must be used it dependent on the power of the familiar.

Bestial Traits Technique (Survival 3, Essence 1, Friendship with Animals Approach): By training an animal or group of animals for at least five hours over a week, the exalt can empower it with one of the following: Increase STR, DEX, or INT by 1, Increase Athlethics, Awareness, Martial Arts, Resistance or Survival by 1. Multiple uses of this charm allow multiple stats to be increased. STR, DEX, and INT may only be increased by 1 each, and Skills may not exceed the exalt's own skill.

Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit (Survival 2): Commit 3 essence to make the harshest environments a simple thing for the exalt to survive. The base difficulty to any survival roll the exalt makes is no more than that under ideal weather conditions in a temperate and friendly biome.

Element Resisting Prana (Survival 4, Essence 1, Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit): When using Hardship Surviving Mendicant Spirit, the character becomes immune to environmental hazards (lava, under water, boiling acid).

Eternal Elemental Harmony (Survival 4, Essence 2, Hardship Surviving Mendicant Spirit): The solar need only commit two essence to activate Mendicant Spirit, and may do so even when unconscious, etc. At Essence 4, the cost is reduced to 1.

Trackless Region Navigation (Survival 3, Survival Excellency): The exalt must commit 2 essence to this charm. While in effect, the solar and a group of Magnitude no greater than the Solar's essence travel through normal wilderness at 20 miles a day, and through the harshest terrain at 10 miles per day. The exalt automatically succeeds at any Survival roll to Navigate.

Unshakeable Bloodhound Technique (Survival 4, Trackless Region Navigation): Spend 2 essence when attempting a tracking roll. The Solar automatically rolls a six. If the target uses magic to conceal the trail, then instead this charm cancels the opposing magic.

Traceless Passage (Survival 4, Essence 1, Unshakeable Bloodhound Technique): Spend 2 essence to conceal the trail of the solar and followers of a magnitude up to the solar's essence. The solar automatically rolls a 6 to evade detection. If the tracker uses magic to follow the trail, then instead this charm cancels the opposing magic.

Eye-Deceiving Camouflage Method (Survival 4, Essence 1, Trackless Region Navigation): Commit 2 essence and one hour to camouflage the solar or a target person or object. The solar rolls INT+Survival to determine the quality of the camouflage. Even so, the camouflaged thing is impossible to detect without a thorough targeted search, or superhuman senses.

City Moving Secrets (Survival 4, Essence 4, Survival Excellency): Any of the exalt's Survival charms that affect a group, now effect a much greater magnitude group.
11  Severely Awesome Games / Game Development / Re: Exalted / BUM Playtest on: December 13, 2011, 11:06:13 AM
Martial Arts (Solar Hero Style)
Fists of Iron Technique (1 Martial Arts): Commit 1 essence to this charm gain +1 attack as a weapon bonus when using bare fists.

Dragon Coil Technique (1 Martial Arts, Fists of Iron Technique): Spend 1 Essence to add 2 to a Grapple roll.

Solar Hero Form (Martial Arts 2, Dragon Coil Technique): Spend two Essence. For the rest of the scene, the Solar can add Martial Arts or dodge to ranged defense rolls, treats his unarmed fists as dual-wielding, and adds 1 to grapple attacks.

Heaven Thunder Hammer (Martial Arts 2, Solar Hero Form): After landing an unarmed attack, the Solar can spend one essence to knock the target back a number of yards equal to the difference between the attack and defense rolls.

Ox-Stunning Blow (Martial Arts 3, Solar Hero Form): Spend 1 essence, and make an unarmed attack. If the attack hits, in addition to damage, the target suffers -1 to attack and defense rolls for 3 turns.

Shockwave Technique (Martial Arts 4, Heaven Thunder Hammer, Ox-Stunning Blow): Spend one Essence and make an unarmed attack. Ignore weapon bonuses to defense for this attack. If the attack hits, the Solar throws the victim into another target within 25 yards. Treat the original target as a weapon with -1 attack. The second target cannot add weapon bonuses to defense either.
   The first part of this charm is an unarmed attack, but the second part is armed, counting the original target as the weapon. The second attack still uses Martial Arts for the attack roll. Weapon penalties to defense still apply against both attacks.

Weapon Charm Theory
Not every weapon skill tree has the same type and quality of charm. Archery and Thrown have no defense charms. Only unarmed charms can aid in grappling situations. The reasoning behind this is weapon theme. Archery is overt, aggressive, and slightly better against multiple enemies. Melee is overt, defensive, and slightly better against single enemies. Thrown is covert, aggressive, and good at supplementing other attackers. Martial arts is offensive, with some utility in supporting allies.
12  Severely Awesome Games / General Discussion / Re: BUM Exalted Dec 19 on: December 11, 2011, 01:40:39 PM
Got five. If anyone doesn't show, we'll just have fewer characters or I might NPC the extras.
13  Severely Awesome Games / General Discussion / Re: BUM Exalted Dec 19 on: December 04, 2011, 08:19:30 PM
   Everyone in Creation knows the stories of the Shogunate and the ages before that. But the stories of wonder and fantasy one hundred generations removed from any mortal's awareness. As far as any mortal is concerned, the current age is as good as it gets, and certainly they would be happy not to see what the future has in store. The Great Contagion of eight hundred years ago is almost never heard of. The Realm is kept in order by a strong Empress who shows no sign of losing life or regency for the conceivable future. Occasional squabbles between the kingdoms of the Threshold are quickly quelled without interruption of daily life, and tribute continues to fatten the coffers of the Realm. When this story begins, we are at the height of the Scarlet Empire's power, and also fast approaching the end of the Empress' reign.

   It's midday in Chiaroscuro, the shattered city of glass and largest trading port in the South. Captain Gelag curses the tide that's forcing him to leave port in the heat of the day, rather than earlier in the morning. While everyone with any sense is hiding indoors, Bosun Bloodeagle barks orders at the crew: "Lash down those crates," and, "Make fast that yard," and, "You monkeys don't stow that jib, I'll have you swimming to Skullstone!"
   The old scholar, Eternal River, and temporary ship's surgeon, Jasper Gullybore, are simply doing their best to stay out of the way. Eternal River can see the end of his days approaching, and is headed West to explore the world while he can. Purchasing passage even on this humble ship had cost most of his savings, but he has no intention of needing a return voyage. Gullybore, however, is paying for his passage with his medical expertise. Expertise gained in the Chiaroscuro navy which he recently deserted. While Gullybore hasn't told anyone the circumstances of his departure from service, the captain and bosun are just suspicious enough not to bring it up. Ignorance is safer than actively evading the law.
   Despite the conditions, Captain Gelag's crew makes ready to sail no later than he requires of them, and the bosun calls ready to shove off. But as the captain is about to give the order, he notices a portly priest in the robes of the Immaculate Order running toward the boat as fast as he can and waving and calling out for the ship to wait. Gelag signals to wait and hops onto the dock to meet the priest.
   Winded and gasping for breath the priest explained, "Harbormaster. Said your boat. Heading west. I need. To go."
   Captain Gelag spits on the dock, and takes a drink from his flask. "Now look here, I got supplies for my crew and two more. There'll be another boat tomorrow."
   "Harbormaster said there's no more boats for three weeks going west. I'll pay," the priest pleads as he take out an impressive purse and opens it to fish out some coins.
   When the captain sees the contents of the purse, he snatches the whole thing and motions for the priest to climb onboard. Speechless, the priest acquiesces.
14  Severely Awesome Games / General Discussion / BUM Exalted Dec 19 on: December 04, 2011, 08:18:49 PM
Player Characters
   The characters in this story are heroic mortals. They are built with 8 stat points instead of 10, placing them below the average BUM hero, but well above the mean mortal in exalted. Obviously, skills are not limited by stat in BUM Exalted.

Captain Gelag
STR 2   DEX 2   INT 2   SOC 2
Archery 2   Melee 1   Athletics 2   Awareness 2   Presence 2   Survival 1  
Sail 3
Leather Armor, Flame Piece, Cutlass
Cutlass: Atk +5 Def +4
Flame Piece: Atk +5
Mental defense +1
Captain Gelag gets +2 to mental defense against social attacks, and is immune to natural mental influence.

Boatswain ("Bosun") Bloodeagle
STR 3   DEX 2   INT 2   SOC 1
Melee 3   Thrown 1   Martial Arts 1   Integrity 2   Presence 1   Resistance 2
Sail 3
Leather Armor, Cutlass, Dagger
Cutlass and Dagger: Atk +8 Def +4 (+1 dual wield)
Mental defense +3
The bosun has an overriding will to survive. Whenever he fails a mental defense roll and instant or certain death is the penalty, he shakes off the effect, but instead must draw his sword and attack something. If he knows the source of the effect, that will be his target, otherwise, he will imagine a source and attack it.

Zias Uroz
STR 2   DEX 1   INT 2   SOC 3
Perform 2   Persuade 2   Bureaucracy 3   Lore 1      Occult 3   Medicine 1
Immaculate Itinerant Robes (Cloth armor), Immaculate Holy Symbol, Jewelry
Def +2
Mental Def +1
Uroz is privy to certain secret techniques to avoid the notice of spirits. As long as he takes no direct action against it, and is not alone, a spirit will completely ignore him.

Eternal River
STR 1   DEX 2   INT 3   SOC 2
Lore 3      Occult 1   Investigation 2   Martial Arts 3   Integrity 1
Linguistics 1 (Old Realm)   Dodge 3
Travelling Robes, Staff
Unarmed: Atk +5 Def +5
Staff: Atk +6 Def +7
Mental Defense +3
Eternal River is educated in a style of martial arts which focuses on the staff, and may use it with the martial arts skill. When River's hit points are reduced to 0, he may make a mental defense roll against difficulty 6. If successful, he is out of the fight, but at the end arises without injury. This does not apply when his hit points are reduced to -1 or less.

Jasper Gullybore
STR 2   DEX 2   INT 2   SOC 2
Medicine 4   Resistance 2   Martial Arts 1   Thrown 2   Integrity 1   Awareness 2
Larceny 2
Medical Bag, Leather Armor, 6 Daggers
Throwing Dagger: Atk +3
Unarmed: Atk +3 Def +3
Mental Defense +2
Jasper has a good instinct for survival. He has a +4 on the roll to detect a trap or ambush. He may personally act on any information gained, but if he warns another, the bonus is reduced by half for the rest of the story. For example, having detected a trap on a chest, he may attempt to disarm it, or he may simply decline to open it, but telling the others that there is a trap would be going against instinct, and reduce his bonus.
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I was too. We could keep playing without Nick, but I think we need more players
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