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October 27, 2020, 07:21:56 AM
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Author Topic: Adventures in Final Fantasy XIV  (Read 3161 times)
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« on: September 23, 2010, 11:53:10 PM »

Day 1:
This is a log I'm going to keep of meaningful things I encounter along my way through the new world.  So far the game seems great, the new style leveling system seems funny to me, but then I haven't played it enough to get the most out of it as of yet. 

I made a Lalafell of the Planesfolks Tribe.  In the game you are suggested that you only need one character, due to that character can do change into any class.  For example, I chose Lancer, but let's say I wanted to be a Gladiator, all I would have to do is change weapons to sword and shield and I'd be a gladiator.  Why change classes? Why not hit one up and max it or something like that?  Well that's where the new system comes in.  Person A can only play the game for say 10 hours a week.  In that his Character Level and his Class Level would hit Max.  Now for Person B who plays it say 30 hours a week, he can Cap his character level and Class level but then he could switch to a different class and level that out as well.  Why would you want to level up a different class? Well the abilities you learn from Lancer, can be used while playing a Gladiator.  It's something neat and it fits things well so far I thinks. 

Well I'll have more to say after I've played more no time today, due to having to wake in 3 hours for work.  Night my people.

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