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April 23, 2021, 07:25:57 AM
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Author Topic: The DMZ playtest  (Read 3716 times)
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« on: June 14, 2015, 01:57:17 PM »

After years of violent warfare, the galaxy’s most powerful empires have called a truce. The former borders of the empires have been replaced by an area of space now known as the Demilitarized Zone. As soon as the military pulled out of the Region, they were replaced by rugged colonists, pirates, deep-space traders, and private security forces. The war now continues by proxy as the empires unofficially encourage their civilians to move into the “neutral” space.

I came up with this idea while watching Star Trek. They're always talking about the "Neutral Zone" and there is a story line about colonists who quit the Federation so that they could continue to live in the border worlds. After playing Quantum at the bachelor party, I thought, "that was fun, but I really want a game about large-scale clashes and area control." Thus, DMZ was born. It didn't take long, to get to version 0.3, and it needs work. But I have seen many published games that are worse than what I already have. I think it has lots of potential.

Give it a look--or better yet, a play if you have the time/inclination--and let me know what you think. A word of caution: The DMZ requires lots of dice (24 per player for the 2-player setup).

The Rules:
System tiles (for building the map):
Exploration tokens:

Žaš er gott. Ég var gert fyrir bardaga, og minn skal vera öldin kappans. Lįtašu önnur goš drottnu žegar barįttan er buin. Ég skal riša gaulaš ofvišriš, og deyja į sķšastrum miklum storminum.
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