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Author Topic: Wizard Duel Summary  (Read 5203 times)
Uktena, Snake of Rock Bottom
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« on: November 11, 2009, 05:57:29 PM »

This is a summary of the current workings of Wizard Duel (Name is development).

The basic mechanic of the game is the Exertion System from BUM Magic. Each Player has Fatigue. You must beat this number to cast a spell. When you successfully cast a spell, it's Exertion (which is generally higher on more powerful spells) adds to your Fatigue, so that the NEXT spell you attempt is harder to cast.

Each player has a limited amount of power to use per turn represented by the Available Effort pool. The player can keep casting spells until the Available Effort pool is empty, or he chooses to pass. The game rewards using fewer dice to cast smaller spells in the beginning, because, although you may gain more benefit at lower risk by using a powerful spell early, you will have to use more dice on subsequent spells, diminishing your pool faster. The number of dice in the pool is dependent on Strength. When you take damage, your Strength goes down, and you get less dice on the following turn.

Each wizard has 3 Power Levels. More powerful spells require the wizard to be a higher power level before they can be cast. Each wizard has a different criteria for increasing his/her power level.

Each Turn consists of any number of Action Rounds, and one Creature Round. Players play actions at the same time. After those are resolved, both play another action. When both players choose to pass (or are forced to pass), the Action Rounds are over and a Creature Round is played. Each Creature in play gets to make one action during the action round, then the Turn starts over.

Character Summary:
Morgan Herne has the average 10 Strength. Her spells are average in power ranging from 2-5 Exertion. Her power level increases when she ends the turn with 0 Available Effort and more than 10 Fatigue. She can force Backlash with her Entropy spell, but it isn't very efficient, and she can fight using her summoned dragons, but they aren't very effective against wizards. Her specialty is direct damage.

Azalem has 9 Strength. His spells are weak, ranging from 1-3 Exertion. His power level increases when he takes damage (from anything, including Backlash). He is reckless with his power, and always rolls one more Effort die than what he commits to a spell, but he adds 1s and 6s from Effort dice to Backlash, instead of just 6s. Azalem specializes in forcing the opponent to kill themselves through Entropy. His damaging spells don't come into play until his Power Level increases.

Iskhar has 14 Strength. His spells are powerful, ranging from 4-6 Exertion. His power level increases after a certain number of turns. If Iskhar ever reaches power level 2 (at the end of turn 6), he should win on the following turn.

Rozalia Katona has 10 Strength. Her spells are most of her spells are high-Exertion Conjure Creature spells. She has some spells with 1-3 Exertion which do not conjure Creatures.

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« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2009, 01:37:51 PM »

i liked the game, but its gonna take a little play testing to work out some kinks.  i think at some point anybody can lose entropy.  I pretty much dominated when playing herne because all i did was make you gain entropy and didnt hurt azalem intill he was at least 8 or 9 entropy.  but then again that might be his downfall, does the other casters have a way to get rid of entropy?
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« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2010, 01:26:42 PM »

I could see this as pretty fun. I haven't played of course but one of the big issues I see would be hitting a caster first turn with a pretty decently powered spell and then not being able to recover.
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